THE LOUNGE Tenth Anniversary Special

Celebrate THE LOUNGE Tenth Anniversary Special!

                                 Host:       THE LOUNGE
                             Location:     THE LOUNGE
          100 Cerritos Ave. #5, Long Beach, CA 90802 US

                         When:  Saturday, October 6, 3:00PM
                                Phone:  562-714-6695

From Spokane to Las Vegas to Long Beach, THE LOUNGE has been
home to exhilarating entertainment and outrageous spectacle for the
past decade. Always invited to feel at home, guests of THE LOUNGE
enjoy the finest in relaxation, revelation and lounging and are eternally
encouraged to create their own reality. Please join us for this historic

                          Musical Performers Include:

                                         Ms. Liz
                                 Senator Leonard
                                Checko McGarrett
                                   Carl Douglas
                                    The Batman

                               ...and many more!!

                            Special Events Include:

                          The Horsechestnut Show!
              Stand Up Comedy with Senator Leonard!
               THE LOUNGE Kitsch Panel Discussion!
            Inaugural LOUNGE Television Game Show!
               Performance Art with TheLoungeBaby!
      Vikings vs ??? Who Would Win? Hosted by CSalm!
         Bar Building Q&A with Sir Half-Ass Carpenter!

                   J-MART          with Jon Zerolnick
          Jesus Christ as Man, Myth and/or Messiah!

       Political Debate: Senator Leonard vs The Devil
                               "SenSatanal II"!

        The Gobi Symposium on the Sexual Customs and
                    Political Morality of Ancient Greece!

    THE LOUNGE Ten Year Retrospective with Participants
                    from all 5 LOUNGE Incarnations!

                      ...and much, much more!!

                                Showtimes TBA
Individual events subject to change or cancellation without notice

           To be included on the program please contact:

   THE LOUNGE Tenth Anniversary Special is an all day/all evening
event. Guests are encouraged to attend for any/all of the duration of the
event as their schedule allows. Parking near THE LOUNGE can be
extremely challenging. Typically it is easier to find parking earlier in the
day. Finding available parking in the immediate vacinity at night  is rare.
THE LOUNGE shuttle may be available for local one way pick-ups as
demand allows. Please contact customer services with any questions or

                         Visit THE LOUNGE On-line!