About My Paintings-

I am inspired by art and music from the 50’s
and 60’s. As a lover of mid-century jazz and
coming from a music background, I initially set
out to “paint” jazz in the mid-eighties when I
switched from playing music to painting as my
primary form of creative expression. As I
worked to develop an individual style, I found
great interest in putting an abstract twist on
conventional subject matter with attention
given to the creation of unique characters and
the exploration of composing a scene featuring
multiple visual perspectives. Over time I
became more interested in the art and beauty
of finely detailed painting and now strive to
insert as much depth and detail into each
abstract piece that I can. My fixated attention
to detail, combined with many hours spent
working out the logistics of multiple, interwoven
perspectives and angles make for a slow, but
rewarding, process of painting.

There are always several paintings in my head
that are waiting to get out. As my technique
continues to evolve and become more refined,
I am happy to see them make the trek from
brain to canvas more quickly.
A Bit About Myself-

I have been interested in art since I was young,
when I began to draw. I vividly remember a
cocktail party my parents had when I was a
little boy. After watching the crazy adults
dancing with their martinis, I went into my room
and spent hours drawing cartoonish versions
of the guests. It felt like I had tapped into an
important, creative part of myself that gave me
a feeling of joyful satisfaction. Later I created
my own comic books featuring kids I knew from
school, engaged in fantastical tales of high
adventure. I also experimented with animation,
winning an award for my first cartoon. I drew
less while focusing on music throughout my
late teen and young adult years, but I later
returned to my first love of art and “drawing
weird-looking people” in my mid-twenties and
shortly thereafter took up painting in earnest.
Over the ensuing years I’ve worked hard to
develop a unique creative style and to learn
the art of painting. I occasionally work as a
freelance illustrator and have created a new
and original winter holiday card, depicting
some of my favorite characters, for the past
Biography of Billy Curry
Jack and Billy Curry, Spring 2008
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