A giclee is a high-end fine art print internationally recognized as "the next best thing to
owning the original.” The quality and detail of giclee prints are unmatched in the
printmaking industry and often cause people to wonder whether they are looking at an
original work or the print.

The word "giclee " (pronounced zhee-clay) is a French term roughly meaning "To spray"
which refers to a digital printing process in which millions of microscopic droplets of ink
per second are applied to the print media.

The giclee reproduction represents a vast step forward in printmaking technology. The
process is a result of the convergence of advanced digital and computer technologies in
addition to state-of-the-art equipment. Images are generated from high-resolution digital
scans and printed with archival quality inks onto fine archival canvas. The giclee printing
process provides better color accuracy and detail than other means of reproduction.

Never before has it been possible to produce prints that so closely rival the impact and
appeal of an original work. Today giclee is the most popular fine art reproduction
technique in the world.
About Giclee
About My Editions
Each limited edition giclee reproduction is printed using pigmented archival ink on
Breathing Color Fine Art Canvas and coated with a semi-gloss UV Varnish Finish. The
giclee comes mounted on 1.5 inch stretcher bars and is ready for framing.

Each giclee print is signed and numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.
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