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Raspberry P(h)ucker
Hilltop Sunrise
Valkyrie Tears
Peppermint Patty
Blue-Green Tea
L3 Margarita
Bloody Buffalo
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This is a light, refreshing spin on a
classic Sangria just right for summer.
Created especially for The Senator,
SENgria includes White Zinfandel
wine and Cinzano sweet vermouth,  
two of his favorites.

2 parts White Zin
2 parts cranberry juice
1/3 part Cinzano
Citrus slices (orange, lemon, lime)

Grenadine or simple syrup may be
added to taste

Combine ingredients in a pitcher, stir
and pour into ice-filled glasses

Straker's Variation

For a Peachy SENgria, substitute white
grape juice for the cranberry and
peach schnapps for the Cinzano. Skip
the fruit, and by all means ENJOY!
Just in time for football season, this spin on
a classic Bloody Mary has been created by
CSalm,  founder of VALHALLA, in the
tradition of  Buffalo New York's most famous
export, Buffalo wings.

V-8 juice
Worchesteshire sauce
Celery salt
Fresh lemon
Frank's hot sauce
Pepper- freshly ground (if available)
Blue cheese

Follow CSalm's step-by-step instructions
below for the perfect Bloody Buffalo. An easy
way to remember how to make a good Bloody
is what CSalm calls, "The rule of 5".

1) Place 3 or 4 ice cubes in a tall glass
(CSalm prefers a Collins glass)
2) 5 dashes of celery salt over the ice
3) Pour 1.5 oz. Vodka over the ice
4) 5 dashes of Frank's hot sauce
5) 5 dashes of Worcestershire
6) 1 dollop of Horseradish
(Slightly less than one teaspoon- CSalm)
7) 1 tablespoon blue cheese
8) Squeeze 1/8th of a lemon, leave in glass
9) Add V-8 juice to within 3/4" of top of glass
10) Dust the drink with fresh ground pepper
11) Place a celery stalk into the drink
12) Stir and enjoy


"I am a fan of Bloody Marys and enjoy
Sunday Marys while watching football. The
Bloody Buffalo is a tribute to Buffalo, the
greatest city on Earth, and the whole
universe, and to the Bills, the greatest
football team of all time because they went
to the Superbowl 4 times in a row,
something no other team has ever done."
Here we have a health-wise version of  
the hot libation, Blueberry Tea. Invented by
Bar Master Mike Copler of The Drunk
Monkey Tiki Lounge, Blue-Green Tea is a
delicious and intoxicating antidote for
allergies, sore throats and other cold
weather maladies.

De-caf Green Tea
Grand Marnier

Fill a pre-heated coffee mug 3/4 full with
hot de-caf green tea. Add 3/4 shot each of
Grand Marnier and Amaretto (use 1oz each
if using a large mug).

Stir and enjoy

Jackie's Variation

To make your Blue-Green Tea "blue", add a
dash of
Blue Curaco.
The BFE's signature cocktail, the
Crantastico, was created in honor of  the
BFE's opening night festivities.  As the
crowds were descending upon the lounge
newcomer during the holiday season, we
made every effort to concoct a libation that
pulled in various relevant elements -- the
cranberry juice is, of course, derived from
the cranberry which is often strung with
popcorn to create an inexpensive yet
beautifully organic tannebaum decoration.  
The gin element in the drink carries a taste
faintly reminiscent of pine tar, which of
course we can all relate to the Christmas
tree (which the BFE has brought down
specially from Senator Leonard's  
northernmost constituency, Maine).  The
lime seltzer simply adds a bit of effervescent
charm which we liken to the sparkle of
crystallized snow.  The lime wedge gives the
drink its festive red & green color scheme.  
All this being said, the drink is so
year-around tasty and even more refreshing
that these ingredients can certainly be
re-symbolized to match any event at which
you'd like to serve the cocktail.  Drink up.  

The Bob French Experience

     "See you at Frenchie's"

Crantastico  Version BFE

2 parts cranberry juice cocktail
1 part lime seltzer
(The BFE prefers Poland Springs lime seltzer)
1 part gin
Lime wedge to garnish

Pour all ingredients over ice, stir and
garnish with a lime wedge.

Straker's Dry Variation:

1 part cranberry juice cocktail
2 parts lime seltzer
(The BFE prefers Poland Springs lime seltzer)
1 part gin
Lime wedge to garnish
GROG is an alcoholic beverage made with
water and rum. Long before Monzon's
infamous "Grog Party" it was introduced into
the Royal Navy by British Vice Admiral
Edward Vernon on 21 August 1740.
In 1756 the issuance of GROG  became part
of the official regulations of the Royal Navy
and was given to sailors in two daily
servings, one  before noon and the other
after the end of the working day. The Royal
Navy's GROG issuance regulation lasted for
more than two centuries.

As May 1st marks the beginning of sailing
season, sailors and assorted pirates gather
in "the Friendly ports of Lounges" to
celebrate with this Historic seafaring

Sugar* (preferably super-fine)  
Squeeze of lime

Fill a highball glass with ice. Add one shot of
rum, a teaspoon of sugar and water to fill.
Top it off with a squeeze of lime. Stir and

*Simple Syrup may be substituted for the
sugar as it will blend with the other
ingredients easier.

GROG can also be made by the pitcher by
combining a half pint of rum to one quart of
water and one whole squeezed lime. Store
in the refrigerator and pour over glasses of
ice as needed.

GROG is often made with hot or boiling
water, and sometimes includes lemon juice,
lime juice or cinnamon to improve the taste.
Rum with water, sugar and nutmeg was
known as Bumboo and was more popular
with pirates and merchantmen.

Straker's Variation:
For a chilly summer evening on the deck:

1 shot rum
1 teaspoon sugar (preferably superfine)
Squeeze of lime juice
Cinnamon stick
Boiling water

Stir all ingredients, adding enough boiling
water to fill mug or glass.

For more information on the history of
GROG see the links below.

GROG on Wikipedia

The Contemplator's Short History of GROG
The Lounge Lemon Lager Margarita is a
lemony version of the classic Margarita. The
3 Rita is sweet, smooth and sour, all at the
same time.

The super-smooth, delicious taste of the L3
Margarita  may induce over-imbibing. Be
mindful of over-indulgence or be prepared
to combat a hang-over!

Tequila Gold
Triple Sec
Frozen Lemonade Concentrate
Sweet and Sour
Lemon Juice

Put a couple scoops of ice into a blender.

Add 1.25 oz each of Tequila Gold and beer.   
(For the beer use a standard bland
iconic-American, watered-down Pilsner,  
i.e, Bud, Coors, Miller, etc.
uses house brand Olympia. Please note:
While beer may seem an odd ingredient for
a Margarita, it is tasteless in the L
3 Rita. The
non-acidic nature of beer makes for a
smooth, mellow cocktail and also adds a
tiny  hint of carbonation.)

Add .75 oz each of Triple Sec and Sweet and

Add 2 oz Frozen Lemonade Concentrate

(Frozen or thawed)
and a tablespoon of
lemon juice.
(Real Lemon or fresh squeezed)

Add sugar to taste *

Blend all ingredients and pour into a sugar
rimmed Margarita glass. Garnish with a
lemon wheel.

* THE LOUNGE recommends about a
teaspoon of sugar. If the brand of
concentrate you select is particularly sweet
you might want to skip the sugar entirely.
Simple Syrup may be substituted for the
sugar if desired.

Straker's Variation:

As an option, you can replace the lemonade
concentrate with Lemon Italian soda,
though the soda can be more difficult to
locate in a pinch.  Several brands are
available including some good store brands.
The Wild Oats brand is particularly good in
this recipe. Note: In this version you can
omit adding sugar to the drink as no
additional sweetening is needed.

Colonel Freeman's Variation:

Many fans of the "Top Shelf" Margarita prefer
to substitute Gran Marnier for the Triple
Sec. While
acknowledges the superior quality Gran
Marnier brings to the Margarita in general
and does not begrudge those who would
make this substitution, the MM does not
endorse this change as a matter of personal
preference. Instead
recommend adding Cointreau in place of
Triple Sec for a more authentic, "top Shelf"
Margarita experience.
Presented by
On his many travels across the nation in
search of drink recipes, the Senator found
himself at the Hilltop House in historic
Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.  There at the bar,
the Senator and his entourage partied with
famous scottish fiddelist Chris Stout. Toward
the end of the evening, the Senator chastized
the bartender being too slow with the pours.  
To makeup for this infraction, she told him of a
secret family recipe:  It was The Hilltop
Sunrise. As the Senator said to the gathered
fiddlers, "She's a better mixologist than a bar
tender, but I think this drink may be a winner"

Southern Comfort
Peach Schnapps
Orange Juice
Pineapple Juice
Grapefruit juice

Fill a Tall, Hurricane or Collins style glass
with ice. Add 1.25oz each of SoCo and Vodka
and .75oz Peach Schnapps.  Next add 2-3oz
each of Orange and Pineapple Juice and a
splash of Grapefruit Juice. Float Grenadine on
top. Garnish with an Orange and Cherry flag.

Check out the Senator's new friend:

Presented by
This tasty wintertime libation can be enjoyed
both as a treat at home in front of a roaring fire
or outside during a Holiday sleigh ride on a
cold winter's night.

By the mug or by the thermos, the Peppermint
Patty is a delicious, cold-weather treat that will
keep you not only warm but toasted.

Rumpleminze Liquor *
Hot Chocolate

Whip Cream
Cocoa Powder

Add a shot of Rumpleminze to a pre-heated
mug. Fill with hot chocolate and stir. Top with
whip cream and a dash of cocoa or chocolate

For a thermos full of PP use a proportion of 1oz
Rumpleminze for every 6-8ozs hot chocolate.

* Any brand of Peppermint Schnapps can be
substituted for the Rumpleminze.
Presented by
Valkyrie Tears is a delicious after dinner /
dessert drink with a little kick . Created by
CSalm for his wife Maryanne,  herself a
descendant of Vikings, Valkyrie Tears is a bit of
feminine drink, but it's strong like the warrior
maidens from Norse mythology.

1 part vodka
1 part Patron XO, coffee liquor *
1/2 part Chambord, raspberry liquor
4 parts milk or cream

Pour ingredients over ice.  Shake.  Strain into a
martini glass.

* Café Sport can be substituted for PatronXO.
Kahlua or another coffee liquor can also be
used if necessary.

For more information on Valkyries visit the
home page of  
Presented by
Raspberry P(h)uckers are a Valhalla summer
tradition.  The Viking themed lounge's
proprietors, CSalm and MADS, first enjoyed the
drink while visiting Denver for MADS' best
friend's wedding about 10 years ago.  They were
a relatively new couple, and this was their first
big trip together.  The pair had a blast, and one
of their fondest memories involves them
enjoying lunch at an outdoor cafe, sipping
Raspberry P(h)uckers.  Now, every summer, they
make some fresh squeezed lemonade and whip
up some Raspberry P(h)uckers.

Chambord *

Add ice to a pint glass.
Fill it about half-way with lemonade.
Add a shot of Chambord and a shot of vodka.
Stir and enjoy.

* "other raspberry liquors work, but pale in
comparison to Chambord." - CSalm

      Straker's Variation

As a variation bourbon can be substituted for
July / Aug '08
Pink Cadillac Margarita
Presented by
Mike, of The Drunk Monkey fame, came across
this delicious Margarita variation. Perfect for
Summer, The Drunk Monkey Tiki Lounge also
serves the Pink Cadillac Margarita in the
Winter. Mike explains: "We had a few of these
one cold Winter's night, turned up the heat,
and wore some shorts, flip flops and Hawaiian
shirts, hoping to melt some of the snow, we
melted instead."

Mango Tequila
Margarita mix
Cranberry Juice

Combine 1.5 oz Mango Tequila, .5oz Cointreau,
3.5oz Margarita Mix and a splash of Cranberry
Juice. (.75oz to 1.5oz depending on taste.)

Server shaken over rocks or flash blend (big
chunky rocks). Also awesome over slurpy style
crushed ice.

Garnish with a Orange slice and plastic
mermaid, flamingo, umbrella, or whatever you
have for fun.

Straker's Variation

The Mango Tequila can be substituted with
Mango Margarita Mix and Triple Sec along with
a normal gold or silver Tequila.
Sept / Dec '08
Irish Car Bomb
Presented by

The Irish Car Bomb is a delicious, rich and
creamy libation well suited for cold weather
imbibing. With its combination of stout beer,
Irish whiskey and liqueur, The Irish Car Bomb
packs a wallop that can put you on your ass in
a hurry.

According to Valhalla mythology, Ike, an
ancestor of the proprietor of Valhalla, came
across this recipe by accident while on one his
raids of Ireland. After a long day of plundering,
Ike found himself in need of some strong ale
and some dessert "to lock his stomach." A fan of
the "boiler maker,"  Ike ordered a pint and shot
of fine Irish whiskey. Instead of dessert, the
barkeep suggested Ike try some of a sweet Irish
liquor in lieu of cake or pudding. As Ike was
about to sip his Irish cream, a clumsy barmaid
bumped into him and knocked the Irish cream
into his boilermaker. Not one to waste a drink,
Ike quickly quaffed down this new beverage.  
He liked it tremendously and instead of
shouting at the bar maid, dubbed his new
beverage the "Sweet Irish Lass."  Its more
popular title is the "Irish Car Bomb."  

Guinness Extra Stout
Fine Irish Whiskey *
Bailey's Irish Cream

Pour a half pint of Guinness, let it settle.   
Fill a large shot glass or shooter with Irish
whiskey and Irish cream. After the Guinness
has settled, drop the shot glass in and drink

* Jameson,  Tullamore Dew,  Bushmills
Jan / April '09
Presented by
Named after the legendary horror-show host
Ghoulardi, Loungemaster and Ghoulardi fan
Mike Hulett created this good looking and
delicious tasting cocktail as a tribute to the
irreverent and influential Cleveland television

1 oz coconut rum
1 oz blue curacao
1/2 oz Everclear
2-3 oz pineapple juice

Shake in mixer with ice, serve on the rocks.

Check out the links below for more on                  



          Ghoulardi on My Space
May / Dec '09
Pussy Paws
Presented by
This delightful confection of a cocktail is
presented by Liz Hamilton. Liz introduced
Pussy Paws to
THE LOUNGE at a gathering
hosted by herself and longtime
enthusiast and Kitsch Panelist, Jon Z.

Definitely the evening's hit, the light and ultra
refreshing Pussy Paws comes on soft and
gentle, as if on the feet of a little cat. But
imbiber beware; stroke this seemingly harmless
kitty too many times and you'll have to claw
your way out of your drunken stupor before you
know it.

1/2 oz amaretto almond liqueur
1 oz cranberry juice
2 oz club soda
1/2 oz sweet and sour mix
Twist of lime

Shake liquid ingredients in a mixer with ice,
pour over rocks, garnish with a twist of lime
and enjoy!

Says Liz, who achieved LOUNGE acclaim after
running a half marathon the morning after her
Loungification, "It's basically a
tricked out Amaretto Sour, wherein that most
quotidian cocktail is magically cloaked in a
tart pink fizz."  


Liz Hamilton