The spirit of Norse heaven Valhalla lives on in VALHALLA, located in
ong Beach, Ca. Conceived and operated by Chris Salm and his wife
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Valhalla | Norse Mythology

(also Valhall, Walhalla, Valhöll, meaning "Hall of the Slain")

Valhalla is the great hall of the Einherjar - the heroic dead. A large hall
where wounds healed quickly, in Valhalla meat was always readily
available. Warriors who died in glorious battle were chosen by Odin to
wait in Valhalla until Ragnarok, the final battle of the gods.

At the conclusion of all great battles, winged female creatures hovered
over the slain in search of the warriors who had fought the most valiantly.
When they found the bravest of combatants, these winged Valkyries
spirited them away to the mythical banquet hall at Valhalla. There Odin, the
greatest of Norse gods, would entertain the slain heroes with a delectable
feast. When the morning dawned, the warriors again took to the field of
battle, this time in Odin's kingdom. After a day spent demonstrating their
courage and martial skill against one another, these heroes, including those
killed in the fighting who would now rise, returned to the banquet hall to
begin the same cycle again. The constant routine of fighting and feasting
ensured that the warriors were at their physical peak when Ragnarok
came.The highest of honors in Norse culture was to prove oneself worthy
enough on the field of battle to be selected by the Valkyries and taken to
Valhalla to spend eternity in combat and fellowship among the greatest

The large strucure of Valhalla, built by Odin himself in Asgard, had over
five hundred doors. Each was large enough for eight hundred warriors to
march out of at Ragnarok to follow Odin and the gods into the epic battle
predestined to end the old world.